Safety Measures and Guideline,

Talent & Crew

PPE and physical distancing must be observed in the performance of the talent. Talent, photographer and assistant will be grouped in Zone A, while the other individuals on set will be grouped in Zone B. The Zone system is the structure and foundation around which all on-set Covid-19 safety decisions will be. Limits apply to art-director, stylist, hair and makeup artist, client and location contacts. Important parties are asked to participate virtually.


2. In-person Meetings. If necessary, there needs to be ample space to allow physical distancing. 


3. PPE. Face masks and face shields are worn. Hand sanitizer, and spray disinfectant is available.


i. Location privacy, the general public. Work areas are exclusive and thoroughly cleaned prior and engineered. 


ii. This is a CLOSED SET. Absolutely NO VISITORS. All crew must adhere to the Zone System. arranged for prep and shoot. 


4. Transportation to Location or Crew Parking. 


Self-drive, report-to locations are preferred. Crew and Talent are discouraged from taking public transportation if in a densely populated area. Production makes efforts to provide transportation and self-drive rental cars. Multiple convenient departure points for company transportation are being facilitated. Riding in company transportation, is considered Zone B, and physical distancing must be adhered to.


Zone C, the outside world is considered the most likely source of infection in Zones A and B. Diligence when it comes to cell phone handling is required. On location, talent and crew are equipped with disinfectant wipes for electronic devices and surfaces.